Facilities & Equipment

Sealed Earth occupies a beautiful open space of 160m2 at the shadow of the Acropolis

We provide all of the equipment and tools necessary for just about any form of ceramics and large working areas with workstations. 3 kilns of different sizes to accommodate all needs from testing tiles to very large items, communal wheels, workbenches. This studio acts as a ‘open-access’ model but it is also ideal for professionals who are not quite happy to work in isolation.

The studio also rents makers space, time and independence whilst also providing support and keeping a strong sense of community. Services provided include: technical support, mentoring, tutorials and a chance to exhibit in at least two shows a year.

Tools: A range of tools is available to use in the studio. There are communal tools available for most standard tasks, including throwing and handbuilding tools, water buckets, sponges, and paintbrushes. Members are encouraged to collect their own tools as they develop in their practice.

All work that goes through the communal firing is measured and labelled with the member’s name, the clay body, and the glaze used. We fire every day, so work goes through the studio quite quickly.

However, we do advise that it can take up to two weeks for pieces to be fired at times when there is a lot of demand. If you have a commission with a tight deadline you might want to contact Sealed Earth studio to hire a kiln.