Are you a wholesaler looking for an extra kiln to fire your creations? Here is what our 3 kilns can do for you:

Tiny Blue Kiln: 20 liter space, ideal to use for testing purposes.
*Cost: 20€/use and 1€/liter

Basic Silver Kiln: 80 liter space to be used for small productions.
*Cost: 50€/use and 0.80€/liter

Colossal Yellow Kiln: 720 liter space ready to host your big creations or mass productions.
*Cost: 350€/use and 0.50€/liter

Contact us: [email protected] / 2109655596 to discuss what is that you would like to fire and if your requirements match our availability we would be happy to collaborate with you!

20€/use and 1€/liter
50€/use and 0.80€/liter
350€/use and 0.50€/liter
Additional Firing costs from 0.5€ - 1€ /liter depending on firing temperature and Kiln